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The Chepos, magazine of the Built Environment, is a professional magazine composed by Study Association CHEOPS. The editorial board of the magazine consists of students of all disciplines of the Department of the Built Environment. Since the 52nd edition, the Chepos is in English!

The Chepos is a multidisciplinary magazine that focusses on all aspects of the built environment. It contains articles about interesting projects, architecture, urban planning, construction, real estate, and news articles of the Department, The Netherlands, and CHEOPS. New this year is the article about the education update, which is fully written by students of the Built Environment. Every academic year three new editions are released.

Besides the magazine, the editorial board of the Chepos also host an Instagram page to inform you about the latest news about the built environment. Do you want to stay tuned? Follow the Instagram page!

71: Setting the scene

  • 2024

69: Guilty Pleasures

  • 2022