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Magazine Committee

Magazine Committee

The Magazine Committee is responsible for CHEOPS her own magazine, the Chepos. The Chepos is the course related magazine of the Study Association of the Built Environment, CHEOPS. During the last years the Chepos went from a study association magazine to a proffesional magazine. The Chepos discusses different kinds of interesting cases for students of the Built Environment. From news messages of the faculty to extensive articles about fascinating architecture. The Chepos contains interviews, activities and interesting articles about the latest architecture.

The committee is responsible for the editing of the Chepos. Chepos is a multidisciplinary magazine written and published by students three times a year. Different architectural subjects are featured and highlighted from different disciplines.

Would you like to have more information? Please send an e-mail to or visit CHEOPS for some information and free coffee.


Offermans, S. (Sam)

Kasraei, Minoo

Boran, A.B., Albina

Cenalia, Sibora

Dekker, S.R.D Rena (Sarah)

Verstijlen, O.F. (Olivier)

van Daalen, R.W., Robin

Rosca, Delia