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Promotion Committee

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee provides the promotion material of CHEOPS. You’ll design all the posters and flyers for various activities and come up with entertaining promotions. As a committee member, you’ll become a master in Adobe programs and work together with others to improve the look of CHEOPS.

Would you like to have more information? Please send an e-mail to or visit CHEOPS for some information and free coffee.



Oortwijn, S, Sicco

Smeets, S.T.M. (Shanika)

Gosschalk, J.A. (Joëlle)

Kleinjan, RE (Rebecca)

Hofstra, WI (Wieke)

Kamal Rizk, Maribel

Verlegh, T. V. (Tim)

Boer, T.D. de (Tess)

Kievit, Maria (Rosa)