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Media Committee

Media Committee

Do you want to learn how to handle multiple forms of media, this is the place to do so. The new media committee will be responsible for making photos, live streams and recordings during CHEOPS activities. With this, your personal media skills will improve and you learn how to deal with companies and the university.

Would you like to have more information? Please send an e-mail to or visit CHEOPS for some information and free coffee.


Vreuls, S.P.V. (Sven)

Karczewski, E. (Eline)

Louw, T. (Tristan)

Snijders, F.Y., Finn

Schoutsen, I.J. (Iris)

Slangewal, L.S. (Luc)

Veerkamp, R.A.M.M. (Rosa)

Jaarsma, Aroy

Erkman, Emel

Nieuwenhuizen, Julie

Koks, A. (Annika)

Akker, n.y., van den, Nieki

Berg, L.M.A. van den (Bart)