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Orientation Committee

Orientation Committee

The orientation committee is a first year committee. There are a lot of different directions to choose from within the built environment. Therefore it is important to orient yourself and find out in what fields your interest lie. In the orientation committee you will organize different activities to help your fellow students orient themselves. You will organize the first year excursions and have a great deal of company contact. Next to that you will organize a fun bar lectures, where you can learn something from a company while having a nice drink with your fellow students.

Would you like to have more information? Please send an e-mail to or visit CHEOPS for some information and free coffee.


El Rekabija, R. (Rehaf)

Jain, Aamani

Orlinska, P. (Paulina)

Ionescu, Larisa

Necula, I. (Ioana-Alexandra)

Komdeur, HMA (Anne)