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Propaedeutic Council

Propaedeutic Council

Do you sometimes not agree with the way projects are given? Or do you have complaints or suggestions about the courses?  Do you think it is important that something should be done about these problems? The people of the Propadeutic Council think it is!

The Propaedeutic Council is a committee especially for and by freshmen, which deals with education. The group collects complaints of students about the propaedeutic phase and discusses with teachers and tutors to improve the first year of the bachelor. Next to that, you’ll organize the Parents Day, where all parents can come to experience a day at university!

Would you like to have more information? Please send an e-mail to the commissioner of education – or visit CHEOPS


Borst, E.S.A. (Emma)

Commissioner of Education

Kalksma, T. (Titus)


Romy Blokx

Sierdsema, S.C. (Stan)

Necula, I. (Ioana-Alexandra)

Mol, L.A. (Lina)

Mirthe Raats

Luuk Hoogendoorn