Water Design Challenge 2017

Water Design challenge 2017

Last year the Netherlands had a lot of trouble with the water in our country. ‘Waterschap De Dommel wants to look at the establishment of our area with all kinds of parties. They want to do this to look into the future, to pick up the challenges that lie before us. This is not only about the water, but also about the drought and heavy rainfall in the built environment and the farmland. Heat stress in the city and water.

One of those parties are the young people, the students. What is there opinion on this? How do they see the future? They are organising a challenge for those students, to make teams and think of creative and innovative solutions! Several teams of MBO, HBO and University will be part of this challenge. You can join them! On February the 14th in ‘Seats to meat’ in Eindhoven (18:30 – 22:30).

A lot is changing around us, the water is part of the Netherlands, we work with it, live with it and can’t do without it.  But what will happen when the water rises? Almost the half of the country will be threatened.


Do you have innovative ideas? Want to expand your network? A team has 3 till 5 oer

The winning team will receive 100 euro per person. Do you want more information: