Test Exams – Year 1

Below you can find test exams of the courses of the first year. The ‘old’ exams, are exams of the years before the bachelor college. The ‘new’ exams are exams of the bachelor college. When you download the files, some are .pdf, some are .rar. The .rar files can be opened by  clicking zip -> open archive. These files contain more than one exam.


 7X1X0 Architecture & City
 Logo NEW style
 2WAB0 Calculus

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 7T2X0 Building Technology
Logo OLD style Logo NEW style
 3NAB0 Applied Physical Science Conceptual
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 7P3X0 Statics of Structures
Logo OLD style Logo NEW style 
 7S3X0 Building Physics and Materials
 2IAB0 Data Analytics for Engineers

Unfortunately we don’t have a test exam of this course 

7U4X0 Real Estate
Logo OLD style 
 0SAB0 Use Basic Ethics and History of Technology
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