Noorderparkbad called the most beautiful swimmingpool of Lyon

During the Piscine Global congress, the biggest pool congress in the world, the Noorderparkbad is called the most beautiful swimmingpool of 2015 – 2016! The congress took place from the 15th of November till the 18th in Lyon. The jury praised the Noorderparkbad because of his light architecture. The architect, Branjmir Medić of de Architekten Cie, was in Lyon to receive his price.


From the jury report:

‘Thanks to the light architecture, the municipal swimming pool fits right in its surroundings. The wooden structure eases the transition between inside and out, and invites people to go inside the building that is located in the heart of the park.

This is the third time the Noorderparkbad wins prices. First nominated for the BNA building of the year and the second price for the public award of the golden A.A.P. 2016.


Tender problems:

That the pool has so much succes at this moment, doesn’t have to mean that because of this the Architekten Cie will design another pool. In the current system the rules are made so that you as an architect need to have good references. Besides this, in addition to the architect also a contractor has to register. This contractor must have experience with the same project, in this case swimming pools. This makes it hard for people who are new in this kind of project, to sign up for a contract.