Foreign Internship at MUUAN

MUUAN is driven by the passion for design, the enormous interest in our common environment and
the constant change of people’s lifestyles. In MUUAN designs, traditional Scandinavian rationality is
combined with the latest design and manufacturing methods, human relation meets technology, and
every day transforms into an architectural experience. MUUAN wants to create life more comfortable in
a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable way.
MUUAN is a future-oriented design agency that has been awarded numerous awards and partners
personal acknowledgments. In MUUAN we work on different and all-size plans – from municipalityspecific
strategic vision plans to exciting tourist destinations and from apartment blocks to dynamic
market squares.
In the year 2018 MUUAN will be busy with several urban and housing design projects as well as area and
target brand cases. Our projects are currently located in Helsinki, Tampere and Finnish Lapland.
The office is located in Helsinki, Finland.
More about MUUAN (in Finnish currently).


• you are a Masters’ degree student
• you are fluent in English and/or in Finnish.
• you are familiar with some of the following software; Archicad, Adobe, Autocad, Rhinoceros,
• you have experience in physical model building and/or you have experience in visualization
(3d, layouts, etc.)

The internship is paid, and you must be undergoing an education to be eligible for an internship.When
applying, please state the length of the desired internship (in months) and the amount of the grant (in

Furthermore, we are looking for;

• interest to work in a dynamic environment
• great teamwork skills but also able to work independently when needed
• you are systematic and organized in your work
• you are a creative mind and you are passionate

Applications are treated confidentially. The deadline for application is 22nd of December 2017. Interviews
(meeting/online) will be held for chosen applicants. Include CV and Portfolio in your application. Please
send the application to with the subject ”Application | Intern”.
If you have any questions about the internship, please send your questions to