On this page you can find information about everything that plays a role within the education.

Wishes and Complaints

When you have a complaint about the education at the faculty of the built environment, you can fill in this complaint report. This complaint will be treated by our Commissioner of Education or send to Bureau Wensen en Klachten. Your anonymity will be ensured.

Books and readers

Every quartile you can buy your study books at with this discount. In the first two weeks of the new quartile the books will be delivered so make sure you buy them before those moments. After these deliveries you still can buy your makes, but it will take more time before they arrive. When the books are arrived, you will receive an e-mail and you can pick them up at CHEOPS.
You also can buy readers every quartile at the CHEOPS webshop. One week before a new quartile the webshop will open. During this week you have the chance to buy readers. The readers will arrive in the first week of the quartile. When they have arrived you will receive an e-mail and you can pick them up at CHEOPS.

Don’t you know which books or readers you need for a course? Please visit OASE, you can find it within the course information.

Summer School

In the Graduate School there is special attention for the International Experience. You can do an exchange or a summer school. You can find all the current summer schools on this page. For more information please contact Henny Houben – or visit CHEOPS or the educational office at floor 2.