The CHEOPSx program is a concept inspired by the TEDx events but focuses on the Built Environment. Different opinions and disciplines will be part of each edition. In this way the event will give the student or professional enough food to think.

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Smart Buildings Learn

deerns_logoA smart building is efficient and offers a safe, comfortable and flexible working environment. “We work on a building that does not only learn from its users, but actively adapts itself to this”, according to                                                               Light Designer Ralph van den Berg. Read more


City Conversation

smaThere are multiple residential districts from last century that don’t comply to the living wishes of current society. How can smart technologies provide information about new living wishes and bottlenecks that these cause?


Hugo Jansen

Adaptive Architecture

banner-7This article gives a framework for categorizing adaptable architecture. The term adaptable architecture describes an architecture from which specific components can be changed in response to external stimuli, for example the users of the environment. Read the article here


Constantijn Berning

 Roger Boersma