CHEOPSx #9: Communal living

Even though our society has an increasing flexibility, this does not mean the housing market follows this lead. The mainstream rental market is stagnated. Waiting lists keep growing and possibilities to move on decrease, giving, among others, students limited options on this market. Moreover, if housing becomes available for them most of the time the rent is increased or the building will be sold or demolished. At the same time more and more other groups like labour migrants and license holders are looking to take part in the mainstream rental market. Additionally the group of students and other social groups, like starters, expats and divorced individuals will not decrease in the upcoming years. All of these groups consists of people that cannot wait long for housing and have a limited budget. Taking this growing demand for social housing into account in combination with the other present factors in this market and problems are bound to happen. Communal living might solve these problems. How does this work? Does one as a designer needs to alter the design to make it fit this new form or living? How will this affect students? Does it work in practice? All of this will be discussed during the evening in which communal living and more specifically communal living for students will be the main focus.

This event will be hosted in the ‘Philips Museum’ (Emmasingel 31, 5611 AZ Eindhoven) and will start at 19:30.
A ticket will cost €5,00 and can be bought at the CHEOPS desk in the building Vertigo on the TU/e campus or at the door (at extra cost).




 Sores Duman Sores Duman is a communication professional working for Humanitas Deventer, an organisation that offers multiple communal living concepts to its residents.
Patrick Stoffer is a student and entrepreneur living in one of the concepts offered by Humanitas. He explains what communal living feels like.
 Dr. Sebastiaan Gerads - - Landmarken-AG Immobilien Sebastiaan Gerards was a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University, where he has been working 0n multigenerational dwelling as a renewed housing concept for Flanders. He is currently working as assistant to the CEO at Landmarken AG, a developing company based in Aachen, Germany.