Sub Associations

CHEOPS is the main association of the department of the Built Environment. To provide interesting activities and to monitor the master Architecture, Building and Planning and Construction Management, CHEOPS has sub associations. these are study associations specialized on a specific part of the Built Environment. These sub associations have their own boards which communicate with the board of CHEOPS on matters of activities and finance. CHEOPS has the following sub associations:
ALogo AnarchinArchi AnArchi is the sub association for Architecture. Logo SupportSUPport SUPport is committed to the two disciplines of engineering and construction technology. Logo serviceSERVICE SERVICE attached to the master track                                                              Real Estate Management &                                                                                Development.
Logo OfCourseof CoUrsE! of CoUrsE! stands for Construction                                                                  Management and Urban                                                                                    Development study association Eindhoven. VIA VIA is the sub association for Urbanism. Logo MollierMollier S.v.b.p.s. Mollier is the study association of the master track Building Physics and Services at the TUe.
Logo KoersKOers KOers is the sub association for Structural Design of the TUe.